what is cold brew coffee you say??

Cold brew or cold press coffee is an alternative and delicious way to experience freshly roasted coffee. A different brewing method than most, it requires the beans to be immersed in cold water for 12-20 hours, depending on the roast and origin. Due to the slow process and low temperatures, the true essence of the coffee bean is captured- resulting in a smooth, rich, highly caffeinated concentrate. Cold Brew coffee is around 67% less acidic having a different chemical profile than traditionally hot brewed coffee or espresso and therefore, easier on the digestive system and teeth. The lower acid levels also attribute to a less bitter, naturally sweeter product than traditional espresso

Sounds easy? It takes practice and patience to get the bold, rich flavours just right!

in the Serious Deliria Laboratory...

All components in our lab have been carefully constructed and tested over the years to deliver the best cold brew coffee starting with locally roasted, FRESH, single origin arabica beans that have been sourced from all over the world.  The origin of the beans change depending on the season, to ensure that you always get the freshest flavours. Our second and final ingredient, water, is equally as important. The purity and alkaline pH of the water are achieved using a seven stage filtration process. Yes, seven- let's just skip all the scientific stuff and assure you it's amazing. Each small batch of cold brew coffee is treated as our baby, consistently and quietly checked upon whilst steeping; The brewing time and temperature always carefully monitored. To finish, we package in glass bottles so the beautifully aromatic flavours remain for six weeks after brewed. 

now what?

Fix it up! The coffee concentrate that we hand bottle is completely customisable to your life- 500ml of mixing opportunities. You will get 5-8 uses from each bottle for whatever fills your coffee desires. Use it to make traditional iced coffees, smoothies, cocktails, ice blocks, thick shakes, affogatos, as flavouring in your baked goods, and much more. Our focus is how Serious Deliria cold brew fits into your daily routine, as it is incredibly versatile. Do you take it to your office? Enjoy it at home? throw it in the esky? bring it on a road trip? Impress friends at a cocktail party? Take it to your group workout sesh where afterwards you all gather around your tailgate and make iced coffees from the esky talk about the burn have a good chin wag about the shifting sands of the modern day proletariat whilst the glittering morning view of Newcastle Beach bathes your eyes in golden sunlight. Thought so.

Have fun out there kids!